Eileen Nguyen

VNEP Executive Director
Volunteer Global English Teacher based in New York City, USA
University: Hunter College
I grew up in Silicon Valley, California and made my way to New York City in 2012 to start my teaching career as a NYC Teaching Fellow.  I've been teaching beginner to advanced high school English as a Second/New Language students since I started and occasionally volunteer to teach adult classes. Prior to teaching, I worked with 2nd graders in an after school program in 2011 and at an English Language Center at Chung-Ang University in South Korea in 2010.  I knew I wanted to work in education since I was in high school, where I met teachers and coaches who made a big impact on my life. I'd like to expand my teaching career to developing more programs like this one in order to create opportunities for others who may not the resources to extend their learning and possibilities.
On my down time, I enjoy jogging, hiking, spending time with my family, and traveling during school breaks. The last country I visited was Singapore with one of my friends from South Korea.

Rachel Weber

Volunteer Global English Teacher based in Long Island, New York, USA
University: Columbia University
PhD Candidate for Applied Linguistics 
I have been working as a high school English teacher on Long Island, New York for the past 12 years and have taught classes in argument and rhetoric to students aged 15-17 years old. Additionally, I have worked with English language learners at the college-level when I served as an instructor at Teachers College, Columbia University. More recently I have taught public speaking and creative expression through art and language in an EFL environment when I went to Cite Soleil, Haiti with the Andrew Grene Foundation.

With the notion that teachers touch eternity through their students and having had the privilege to engage with so many kinds of learners over the years, I feel extending my teaching practice to a classroom in Vietnam will be a rewarding and memorable experience for both myself and those I teach. Ultimately, it is the communicative and interactive exchange with my students that would be invaluable to me as an educator and will help me to promote a sense of cultural understanding and empathy to both students and faculty when I return to my classroom in the States. Teaching literacy in Vietnam would support my personal goal of promoting cultural and ideological understanding within my community. 

In addition to teaching I enjoy writing, traveling, and learning. I also am an avid runner and practice yoga regularly.

Jacqueline Dang

Volunteer Global English Teacher based in Bay Area, California, USA
University: San Jose State University
M.A. Ed. Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction 
My name is Jackie. I currently reside in Northern California. I received my B.A. and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from San Jose State University. I am now going back to school for a Masters in Education. Currently, I am a primary teacher and love working with growing minds. I have taught first and second grade, but my experience in the past has been from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I became a teacher after falling in love with the feeling of seeing students proud they accomplished a goal or learned something new. When I’m not teaching, I love to spend my time with family, friends, eating, working out, playing with my dogs, traveling, and catching up on TV. Most importantly, I spend my time eating. I find enjoyment in the simple and complex things of life because they’re what keep you going. I wanted to join the Vietnam Education Project because children deserve an education no matter what their background or circumstance. Education isn’t a privilege or gift—it’s a right. From being part of this program, I hope to learn how I can better serve my students. As a teacher, you never stop learning. With that being said, I’m always up for a challenge!

Nguyen Thi Hiếu Xuân

Vietnamese Teaching Fellow/Student Teacher

University: Tay Nguyen University 
Major: Pedagogy of English

Since I entered the university, I have seriously taken interest in society and volunteerism. Besides, I am very keen on having a chance to learn from experienced teachers so that I can become a good teacher in the future. This Vietnamese Education Project is my ideal opportunity to achieve these things, which is a whole new experience to me, so I do not want to lose this chance and decided to apply right after knowing about it.

After participating in in this program, I would share all my experiences to my friends and the society as largely as possible. Doing that I would take a role as helping the people not taking part in this program to get the total view of it. I also want to apply the knowledge that I get from the training to contribute to volunteer activities in our area. There is no meaning to keep what I know just for myself. Moreover, through this interesting experience, I am sure that I would be more mature and knowledgeable, so that I can become a good teacher as well as have a strong base to take any role in society in the future.

Kha Thi My Trang

Vietnamese Teaching Fellow/Student Teacher
University: Can Tho University
Major: English Teacher Education

It’s hard to explain but I had a love for teaching when I was just a little girl in elementary school. However, it was not until I met my form teacher in grade 7 did I realize I wanted to serve the community as an educator in the future. Back then, I was really inspired by the dedication and energy she put into every lesson and thus, decided to be such an inspirational teacher. Being born in a small town where children don’t have many good learning opportunities, especially English, I have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to educational equality; that is to give educational support to underprivileged children. I’m so grateful that I’ve got the priceless chance to do that in the very first program of Vietnam Education Project. I cannot wait to meet up with the adorable children in Quynh Thanh, the excellent teachers and the dynamic fellow. Hopefully, by working together, we will be able to bring more smiles to the children’s faces and make positive changes to their lives. I’m also looking forward to gaining valuable teaching experience and being exposed to a cross-cultural environment. This summer with VNEP is going to be one of the most incredible and unforgettable ones in my life.