Our 2017 team will be traveling, living and working in Vietnam with our students between July 6th - 28th, 2017. Your support enables our team to make a difference in the lives of children and teachers in Vietnam every year. 

Eileen Nguyen

Program Director based in New York City, USA
M.A. TESOL, CUNY Hunter College
I grew up in Silicon Valley, California and made my way to New York City in 2012 to start my teaching career as a NYC Teaching Fellow.  I've been teaching beginner to advanced high school English as a Second/New Language students since I started and occasionally volunteer to teach adult classes. Prior to teaching, I worked with 2nd graders in an after school program in 2011 and at an English Language Center at Chung-Ang University in South Korea in 2010.  I knew I wanted to work in education since I was in high school, where I met teachers and coaches who made a big impact on my life. This year, I will be taking a step back in teaching in the program and focus on on-site organization development and operations.


Rachel Weber

Lead Global English Teacher based in Long Island, New York, USA
University: Columbia University
PhD Candidate for Applied Linguistics 
I have been working as a high school English teacher on Long Island, New York for the past 13 years and have taught classes in argument and rhetoric to students aged 15-17 years old. I also adjunct for an English for Professional Purposes course at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. In the past I have taught public speaking and creative writing to students in Cite Soleil, Haiti as a volunteer for the Andrew Grene Foundation and have also taught adult learners as a Literacy Suffolk volunteer.
With the notion that teachers touch eternity through their students and having had the privilege to engage with so many kinds of learners over the years, I feel extending my teaching practice to a classroom in Vietnam will be a rewarding and memorable experience for both myself and those I teach. Ultimately, it is the communicative and interactive exchange with my students that would be invaluable to me as an educator and will help me to promote a sense of cultural understanding and empathy to both students and faculty when I return to my classroom in the States. Teaching literacy skills to students in Vietnam supports my personal goal of promoting cultural and ideological understanding within my community.

Abigail Winard

Global English Teacher based in Houston, Texas, USA
M.A. TESOL, CUNY Hunter College
B.A. Government, The University of Texas at Austin

I grew up in Houston, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin where I received my bachelor's degree in Government with a minor in Psychology. After graduating college I traveled to Israel to live, study, and volunteer for six months. During that time I taught the English language and learned about the culture and diversity within Israel. Later, I attended CUNY Hunter College where I received a master's degree in TESOL and taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade ESL at a pubic middle school in New York City. Now I am currently teaching 2nd grade at a public Dual Language Elementary School in Houston, Texas. I am interested in learning about different cultures and understanding education from another point of view. I believe teaching English in Vietnam is a great way to learn about the people, language, and culture. The Vietnam Education Project is a great way to bridge the gap between cultures and share learning and teaching practices in a collaborative educational environment.

My interests and hobbies include traveling, photography, and writing.

Hanh-Nhi Pham

Global English Teacher based in San Jose, California, USA
San Jose State University
B.A. Communications
Multiple Subject Credential

I was born and raised in San Jose, California and went to San Jose State University where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and minored in Child and Adolescent Development. Becoming a teacher has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl but this was not a career my family encouraged. In addition to working full time in hospitality I was also volunteering at elementary schools, coaching basketball at the YMCA and Wheels on Fire, and tutoring. This love for teaching and children never changed and I eventually decided to change my career path in hospitality management to pursue a career in education. Eventually, I became a founding teacher at Rocketship Brilliant Minds and have taught Kindergarten Humanities and Math for 5 years. This coming fall, I will continue to teach half time while transitioning to an instructional coaching role.

Going back to serve a community in Vietnam will allow for me to reconnect with my roots and to give back to the country that raised my parents. Joining this program will allow for me to provide these children with learning opportunities to explore new areas of knowledge, trigger hidden passions, and to encourage them to take these opportunities. I will be incredibly lucky to not only have the opportunity to be immersed in their lives but to also learn so much from them.

Some of my interests outside of teaching include traveling, crafting, lettering, and hiking.

Trang Kha

Lead Vietnamese Teaching Fellow/Assistant
University: Can Tho University
Major: English Teacher Education
My name is Trang. I’m currently a senior at Can Tho University, majoring in English Teacher Education. Last year, I took part in Vietnam Education Project and to me, the program is one of the most unforgettable programs that I have attended, ever! The students were so studious and enthusiastic about learning, especially learning English. They were also very obedient and had a great respect for the teachers, which cheered us up so much and strongly motivated us to come back this year. We also had a lot of fun playing games together, reading stories, and doing arts and crafts. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing their happy and smiling faces. Over the past year, I’ve missed them so much, especially the innocent smiles of my very young students. Awww, they were so cute and so adorable!!! >///<

I was also lucky to be able to meet and work with awesome and dedicated teachers and fellow. They were so nice and helpful. I learned a lot from them, especially about teaching and cross-cultural experiences. It’s a pity that not all of us will come back to the program this year. I’ve missed them so much and I hope that one day all of us will have a chance to meet up with each other. I’ve also missed the time chatting with our super nice and helpful coordinators who gave us a lot of support and encouragement. Without their help, VNEP 2016 would not have been that successful.

Coming back to VNEP 2017, I’m looking forward to meeting some old dear friends from the program last year as well as new talented faces. This is going to be the very last voluntary program that I attend in my student life. So, let’s rock it!!!

Phuong Thao Nguyen

Vietnamese Teaching Fellow/Assistant
University: Hanoi University
Major: English Translation and Interpretation

Since I attended university, I have taken part in many volunteer activities. I used to teach English for street children at Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. I realized that any child, from whatever class in the society, has their own potentials, abilities, and dreams. By teaching them English, I can help them get closer to their goals. Witnessing their day-by-day progress really makes me moved and drives me to continue teaching English to other children.

When I was selected to join VNEP project, I felt very happy. I am very eager to see children in Quynh Thanh, Nghe An. I believe that some of them have dreams of traveling to many places in the world or discovering many new cultures. Hopefully, I can contribute a small part to help them fulfill their desire. I understand that it is hard to convey a lot of knowledge within 3 weeks of the project. So what I really focus is how to bring great motivation of learning English to children in Quynh Thanh so that they will continue study English well after the project team leaves. I hope that wherever they go to in the future, they can introduce confidently about themselves, about their fellows and about their homeland – Vietnam.

Thu Hien Phan

Vietnamese Teaching Fellow/Assistant
University: University of Languages and International Studies
Major: English Teacher Education
My name is Hien. I am from Ninh Binh, the small province in the northern part of Vietnam. Now I am attending National University of Languages and International Studies in Hanoi. I love teaching and doing voluntary work, which directly motivates me to apply for this project. Besides, it is a nice chance for me to devote my knowledge for helping disadvantaged children to have better education.
Vietnam Education Project also provides me with a priceless chance to gain teaching experience from other wonderful teachers and partners. It is good time for me to be able to know more about Nghe An and socialize with its residents. I hope that I will make a lot of friends after this trip as well as teaching as many young students as possible.