Q:  Will teachers be working with a curriculum or incoming teachers be developing it?

A:  A curriculum is developed before with the help of a curriculum team. Contact eileen@vietedproject.org if you’re interested in being a part of the curriculum team

Q:  I am not a native English speaker, but I speak English fluently. Am I still eligible to apply?

A:  If you are a fluent English speaker, and meet the relevant job requirements, we welcome you to apply!

Q: Will someone meet me at the airport?

A:  Either a staff member will arrange to meet you at the airport upon your arrival or all teachers will arrange to arrive approximately the same time so that all teachers can travel together. In the unlikely case that a staff member cannot meet you at the airport, VNEP will assist you with transportation to your accommodation.  You will be also able to discuss this further once you connect with your Placement Coordinator.

Q: Do I need to purchase health insurance before I leave?
A:  When traveling and living overseas, it is always a good idea to have your own private health insurance plan. We suggest that you purchase a health insurance plan with coverage for the duration of your entire stay. Health benefits are often included overseas teaching contracts, but we still strongly suggest a private plan.

Q: Am I required to do a general health check before I leave?
A:  Most countries will require you to have a medical check before you can be issued a visa or work permit. Even if you are not required to get one, we strongly suggest that you visit your family practitioner for a general check-up before you leave for your time abroad. You should also ask your doctor about any specific immunizations or medications that you may need for your region of travel.