Vietnam is a developing Southeast Asian country with diverse landscapes and beautiful beaches. It is known in recent history from the Vietnam War, which ended in 1975. Today, its economy is flourishing, with major exports of textiles, garment, rice, coffee, rubber, coal, and a growing tourist industry.

Our mission takes place in Quynh Thanh, rural commune of Quynh Luu district in the Nghe An province of Northern Vietnam. The village has a population of roughly 13,000 and are primarily Christian, a minority religion in the area. It has one major market. The village consists of mainly rice paddies, local shops, and shrimp farms. Residents often run small, local businesses in front of their homes or farms, where they live off approximately $40 USD monthly, which is significantly lower than the country average of $60 USD monthly. Over half of the population in the province aged 15 and over in the North Central Coast region work in agriculture.

In Vietnam, families must pay an annual fee for students to attend school. In rural areas, summer programs are not typically available, accessible or affordable for children. The Vietnam Education Project works to bring summer enrichment programs to children who may not have the opportunity to attend classes otherwise.

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