Meet our 2017 Summer Program Team!

Hello Everyone!

We’re pleased to introduce our summer, 2017 team! From left to right is Hanh-Nhi, Rachel, Thao, and Trang. Two others joining are team but not pictured is Abigail and Ly. We’re excited to have them as a part of VNEP in Vietnam. We are looking forward to posting about our adventures.

We also want to mention that two weeks ago, we organized our first fundraiser in Long Island City, NY and had an amazing turn out. Thank you all for your support!

So far, we’re approximately 40% of our goal, including what we’ve raised at the VNEP Spring Mixer. This week, we’ll be working with our curriculum team to better develop the lessons from last year. Furthermore, our new summer team is preparing for their departure. Meet them at our website HERE.

To help us get closer to our fundraising goal, please donate to our Generosity campaign HERE.

Thank you!



2017 Volunteers