During the summer, children attend church, or help their parents with work, which typically involves farming, selling goods, or manning small family shops. Here, you can see some children helping  their parents at the market.

Others play with other children in the yard. They tend to roam in large packs since families are very large, ranging from 3-10 children. There isn’t much parental supervision due to the nature of their work.

In the North Central Coast region, the population aged 15 and over have the following education (as of 2008):

  • 6.3% Never went to school
  • 8.5% No certificate
  • 19.0% Primary
  • 36.2% Lower secondary
  • 17.9% Upper secondary
  • 2.5% Primary voca
  • 1.7% Secondary apprentice
  • 0.2% College vocational
  • 3.9% Professional secondary
  • 3.8% College, university

Education, more than ever, is highly valued among youth. There’s always high energy in the classroom due to their enthusiasm and eagerness to work with native English speakers. Additionally, bridging our two cultures serves as a great lesson outside of the classroom to understand our different ways of life. They are disciplined, open-eyed, and receptive to learning, and we’re thrilled to work with them again.


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