During the summer, most children help their parents with work, which typically involves either farming, selling goods, or manning small family shops. In Vietnam, families must pay an annual fee for students to attend school. In rural areas, summer programs are not typically available, accessible or affordable for children. The Vietnam Education Project works to bring summer enrichment programs to children who may not have the opportunity to attend classes otherwise.

Summer Camp

The Vietnam Education Project offers summer camps for students from impoverished villages gain valuable education opportunities.

Our first summer program starts mid-July until mid-August, 2016. Three to six selectively chosen English Teachers and Vietnamese Fellows will be paired together to teach in each village. The program is designed for middle and early high school students between the ages of 12-16, learning English as a new foreign language. Students will attend 2-3 English classes and an extra-curricular activity after class sessions. Teachers and fellows will be required to participate in an online workshop prior to departure, and attend an orientation and teacher professional development throughout the course of the program to aid in teacher development.

What makes VNEP program different than other teach abroad programs?

Experienced American teachers will be partnered with a prospective Vietnamese teacher to help mentor and guide them in best teaching practices. Therefore, not only are teachers and fellows assisting students, they are also working together to help strengthen and develop their own practice.

  • Vietnamese Fellows are prospective Vietnamese teachers who are paired with an experienced American teacher
  • American Teachers provide mentor-ship and guidance to Vietnamese Fellows
  • Teachers collaborate in the classroom and share best practices


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