Update of our completed 2017 summer program!

We did it!

Hi everyone!

We’re back from our second program in Vietnam and excited to let you know about the developments from this year! For our 2017 summer program, we enrolled over 220 students, and of the 220, we were able to accommodate and teach over 175 of these students in our 6 classes.

It was a pleasure to work with such an eager group of students. Quynh Thanh is located in the Nghe An province, which is the 2nd most socioeconomically disadvantaged area in Vietnam due to its severe weather conditions. Much of the income in this region is from agriculture; however, due to the climate conditions, the region is unable to produce as many profitable crops as other regions. It is estimated that more than 30% of the students in the village drop of out of high school to work and assist their families financially. The goal of our program is to help develop our students’ curiosity and interest in learning in order to keep them in school and give them hope for other potential opportunities.

Although the province is in development, the people have a strong academic and work ethic, and they’re enthusiastic to learn. Overall, the program was far smoother and more productive compared to last year. We brought in two additional teachers and serviced more students. We also brought in technology such as projectors and laptops, which enabled us to host movie days for them. This was especially memorable for the students, considering that many of them do not have televisions at home and have never been to a movie theater before.

It is with your generosity and support that we’re able to make these programs possible each year. Thank your for being with us and helping us spread the warmth and love of our children. To help us continue our work, you can make a donation at our website. Also, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop with our work and programs! Thanks again!


Eileen H. Nguyen

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