Updates in Quynh Thanh

VNEP finally made it to Quynh Thanh village in Vietnam and we’re off to a great start! We’re exited to have 152 students enrolled into our program. Parents and children came throughout the first week trying to get onto our wait-list which reached more than 50 students. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to accept everyone; however, our enrolled students have been enjoying the program!

The students here are incredibly eager and enthusiastic about learning. They say this area has a strong academic culture, and it’s famous for many scholars and politicians.

It’s been quite an adjustment for our American teachers due to the living conditions in the village such as poor sanitation, the high heat and humidity. From living here for the past two weeks, we realized how difficult life in the rural areas can be. The sewage system and lack of clean water is a major issue. Many of our teachers became sick from the cross-contamination of the food and water system here. Despite the lack of basic necessities, we’re staying strong and pushing through with a greater appreciation of the resources we have in the United States.

Our students are becoming increasingly comfortable and confident in their English language speaking, listening, reading and writing. They also love activity time where they get to play games, read, and engage in arts and crafts. Last week, VNEP organized a Friday picnic for the students. The students enjoyed snacks, played games and sang “Heal the World” to each other. Checkout our Facebook page to see more picture from our first two weeks.

Thanks for your continued support!